Gratitude to Self

We may be looking back at the year that passed, thinking about how we did not make progress on many of the goals we set for ourselves. And yes, it might be true that we didn’t make it. And that is to be expected. No one who has taken multiple shots makes them all, including our most revered sporting icons. Michael Jordan, considered to the greatest basketball player of all time, failed to progress from the first round of the playoffs in his first 3 attempts. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar missed more than 40% of the shots he took. What made them great is not that they failed, but that they dusted off the failed attempts and came back repeatedly.

While we may not have the same incentives to try again, and some goals do not offer repeat chances, most times in life, we do get a second chance. And we can, with the lessons we learnt from the first or 10th attempt, whichever it was, try to improve on the next.

At the same time, you can take a moment to be thankful to yourself, for having worked, however much, on your goals. You could have chosen to do nothing, but you did something, moved a little forward, learnt a little more. You missed some shots, but yet here you are, alive to try again, or to do something else you want for yourself, having learnt and grown from previous experiences.

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