Waiting for Time to Pass

Sometimes, it is so close to the end, with seconds ticking down on the clock, and you decide to wait it out. There might be valid reasons, in a game where you are leading, or the lead cannot be changed in those final seconds. However, in many situations, there is still time to make a change, to act, to contribute, to make things better.

With only a few minutes left before the day is over, or with a few days or weeks before the new year starts, you decide to wait it out. You have been through this many times before to know that there is nothing magical about the coming hour. You know that if you start now, you will be that much further along on your journey. And you also know that, while you wait for the weeks, days, minutes or seconds to tick down to zero, you will have lost that time forever. For while we wait for time to pass, time waits for no one.

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