What we do defines us

We can think about how we want to approach something, and also have specific feelings about a situation. However, it is the action that defines us. What we do in a specific instance affects us and the people we interact with. And that is how we are ultimately judged, both by ourselves and others.

It is only through taking action that we learn, through the feedback coming from that interaction. The reaction, whether good or bad, provides an opportunity to learn, to adjust, to improve the next step. It also gets us out of excessive thinking about what may be, and instead into a space where we can make a difference.

Yes, there is still room for thinking, to consider the various alternatives to determine which may be the most optimal path. Once we have done that, we need to start climbing the mountain. For there is no way to reach the top of Brandberg by thinking about it. Take the next step, and the next, and the next. Before long, the process is automatic, and though you might have zigged and zagged, your elevation is higher, you have learnt more about the territory, and your view is better. We become what we do.

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